About SSMI

The SSMI Mission

The Dr. Mikel J. Harry® Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI) was founded by Dr. Harry in 2003 with the purpose of exploring new and innovative ways to apply Six Sigma.

One of SSMI's main objectives was to research and develop effective delivery methods so the cost of training could be drastically reduced while making Six Sigma more affordable for individuals and businesses.  This goal was realized when SSMI released MindPro®, the most comprehensive Six Sigma training system in the world.

MindPro provides an extremely flexible, self-paced learning environment that is tailored to meet the needs of individuals and businesses of any size. This means that small businesses and mid-sized companies can now enjoy the same benefits experienced by large corporations such as General Electric, Bank of America, DuPont and many others.

The Business Perspective

At the Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI), we believe that Lean Six Sigma training results in measurable benefits for any type or size of organization.  Our institute specializes in driving higher levels of delivered value through cost reduction, increased capability, and expanded capacity – in every aspect of the business.  Our track record of success has consistently demonstrated this point, many times over.

The bottom line is simple.  When you proactively eliminate a defect, process capability increases.  As your capability increases, costs are reduced and capacity is increased, not to mention a reduction in inventory (material and labor).  Simply stated, quality is one of the "vital few" cornerstones of business success.

Through the design, execution and verification of interconnected quality improvement projects (led by Black Belts and Green Belts), an organization can create a virtual river of value that concurrently benefits the customer and the provider.  Thus, better quality translates to better business
which means greater stake-holder value.

Of course, the foundation for realizing such gains is built using the bricks of Lean Six Sigma knowledge and enlightened leadership.  Through training, an organization can develop a workforce of world-class leaders, specialists and workers.  As the old saying goes: “To get the right thing, you must do the right thing; and to do the right thing, you must know the right thing.”  A better way does exist and we would be honored to share it with you.

The Philanthropic Perspective

Another dimension of SSMI is about "giving back to world."  Our business leader, Dr. Mikel Harry, is not only the co-creator of Six Sigma and a National Best Selling Author on the subject, he is also a working philanthropist.  Our current philanthropic campaign is focused on giving back to the men and women that have safeguarded our great nation and sacrificed so much on our behalf.

Dr. Harry believes it is not enough to pay our nation's heroes with verbal tributes or provide direct economic assistance.  He deeply believes in getting them personally involved, investing in themselves and becoming qualified to step into high paying jobs with security, as well as vertical and horizontal job mobility.

With this aim, Dr. Harry and the institute's staff created the SSMI Military and Veteran Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification Scholarship Program.  Essentially, this program covers nearly 80% of a the recipient's cost.  What makes this scholarship so unique is the way in which it is organized and implemented.

Not only do the scholarship recipients receive world-class online Black Belt training directly from Dr. Harry, they are also supported through online one-on-one coaching, where this service is provided by certified subject-matter-experts.  In addition, there are a host of other learning resources and products that are a part of the scholarship.  To say the least,  such a collection of resources represents what Dr. Harry calls an "extreme value proposition."  Its our way of saying: "Thank You for Your Service" .​

Philanthropic Mission and Values

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