MindPro Test Drive

MindPro is a Six Sigma learning system.  It consists of three distinct but interconnected parts.  The first part is the actual training.  MindPro serves up 11 improvement programs-of-study, including all the major “belts.”  In addition, the training content (instructional videos) are supported by more that 40 different types of simulators and calculators, not to mention the built-in search feature and 3,000+ page statistics reference manual.  All of this is available to you when you complete your Lean Six Sigma training and certification using MindPro system.  The second part is the discussion board.  Here, students go to the MindPro Forum website to interact with their peers.  The third part is testing.  At the MindPro Testing website, students can access the exams that must be taken to achieve Program Qualification status or receive their Proficiency Certification.  These interactive parts come together to form a powerfully efficient and cost effective way to gain the improvement knowledge needed for career advancement while simultaneously making a strong contribution to their respective employer.