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Six Sigma is a business management system that started at Motorola in the mid 1980’s and then spread to major industries, governments and institutions around the globe. Its time-proven purpose is to drive financial and quality improvements to the bottom-line of an organization. To get this done, the work is accomplished through an elite group of highly trained professionals called Black Belts and Green Belts. These professionals plan, lead and execute value-based projects that accumulate to huge, verifiable benefits for their organization. In turn, the Black Belts are generously rewarded for their efforts and assume a position of high status within the organization.

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"Mikel Harry, who is widely considered the foremost expert – if not inventor – of Six Sigma as we know it today."

Dirk Dushame
Quality Digest Magazine

"Mikel Harry, the founder of the Six Sigma methodology and the world’s leading authority in the field has tutored corporate legends such as Jack Welch, Jac Nassar and Larry Bossidy."

The Economic Times

"How does one write a recommendation for a living legend like Dr. Mikel Harry? One would certainly cite him as the driving creative force behind the Six Sigma methodology -- one of the most important and successful management theories of the last 150 years. One could also cite the long list of captains of industry who rely on his keen insights and sage counsel. Or one could commend his success as an educator who has created innovative yet pragmatic systems for bringing his ideas to the masses. And one could still pay tribute to his accomplishments as a best-selling author and sought-after speaker.

Common to each of these remarkable achievements is the distinctive Mikel Harry touch -- a unique combination of deep understanding, paradigm-shifting innovation, and playful irreverence for conventional thinking. Where others decompose problems into many smaller ones, Mike has the exceptionally rare ability to distill any challenge down to its essence. Consequently, the solutions he devises are robust and holistic. They stand the test of time and changing environments, and they often inspire entirely new ways to view the world we live and work in."

Gary Cort
Former Vice President, Research in Motion (Blackberry)

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