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Note: The listed books are optional support tools and not required for the Black Belt program.

Options and Requirements

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The MindPro Learning Platform is included in your monthly tuition.  You will need to provide your own computer since this is not included in the scholarship program

You need a high-speed internet connection to operate the MindPro Learning Platform and watch the Coaching System.  This is not included in the scholarship program.

This scholarship is for military personnel and veterans and is offered by the Dr. Mikel J. Harry Six Sigma Management Institute and participating scholarship sponsors.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam includes all sections of the program content as well as the digital project.  The one-time testing fee ($100) includes certification.

The reference handbook is optional.  The MindPro Learning Platform contains a wide array of reference documents that will more than satisfy the instructional needs.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program of Study will require using a browser and Excel (not included).  You will also need an Email account for purposes of coaching.

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