Online Coaching

As students progress through their Black Belt training program, they might have some questions or need some guidance; or even some supplemental instruction.  They might just need some encouragement from time-to-time.

To this end, the Six Sigma Wings for Heroes Scholarship includes access to top Black Belt and Master Black Belt Coaches.

Scholarship recipients can make an appointment to access expert-level Lean Six Sigma Coaches through the Online Scheduling System (OCS).  Essentially, the coaches form a pool of expertise, which means recipients can request a specific coach or simply draw from the pool.  Thus, any given recipient can look across a particular range of time to isolate an available coach, after which the recipient requests an appointment.  Depending upon the training circumstances and recipient's needs, the coaching session might be handled by a conference call or through an interactive online tool, like WebX or GoToMeeting.  Each recipient is granted one 30 minute coaching session per week (maximum = 24 sessions).  This translates to 2 hours of personalized coaching per month.  While this sounds somewhat limiting, the recipient will likely discover that the allocated period of time is usually quite adequate and often not fully utilized -- owing to the training quality and availability of Internet resources (like YouTube, Google search and Six Sigma discussion boards).  Consequently, each recipient is strongly encouraged to exhaust such resources prior to scheduling a coaching session. The Six Sigma Management Institute retains the right to discontinue any recipient's access to the OCS if such practice is not followed in a good-faith manner.

There are nearly 120 subject-matter-experts standing at the ready to provide students one-on-one coaching.  Through our user-friendly automated scheduling system students can easily request a coaching session and get the help and advice they need to create a satisfying online training experience.

“Coaching takes a person past their self-imposed limitations.” – Dr. Mikel Harry

The Lean Six Sigma Medal of Excellence is the highest coaching distinction within the industry.  Following a successful six month "tour of duty" as a volunteer program coach, each participating Black Belt and Master Black Belt coach will be honored with a certification personally signed by Dr. Mikel Harry, co-creator of Six Sigma and world's leading authority in the field.  Don't miss this chance.